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by (o) [time] voor (o) {m} [time]
by (o) [travel] via (o) [travel]
by (o) [multiplication] met (o) [multiplication]
by (o) [means] met (o) [means]
by (o) [time] tegen (o) [time]
by (o) [travel] per (o) [travel]
by (prep adv adj n) [along a path] langs (prep adv adj n) [along a path]
by (o) [general] door middel van (o) [general]
by (o) [division] door (o) [division]
by naast
by (o) [location] dichtbij (o) [location]
by (o) [location] nabij (o) [location]
by aan
by (o) [books] van (o) [books]
by (o) [dimension] op (o) [dimension]
by (o) [location] bij (o) {m} [location]
by (o) [dimension] bij (o) {m} [dimension]
EN Synonyms for by NL Translations
near [position] komend
beside [position] naast
adjacent [position] (formal tegenoverstaand
at [position] nabij
along [position] langs
on [part of speech] tot
throughout [part of speech] overal {m}
during [part of speech] gedurende
through [part of speech] (informal doorheen
upon [part of speech] (formal op het moment dat (prep adv)
over [part of speech] klaar
behind [beyond] na
past [beyond] verleden tijd {m}
across [beyond] overheen
farther [beyond] verder