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through (informal) consumato
through (a) [finished] (informal) finito (a) [finished]
through (o) [reason] (informal) a causa di (o) [reason]
through (o) [reason] (informal) per (o) [reason]
through (a) [finished] (informal) terminato (a) [finished]
through (o) [general] (informal) in (o) [general]
through (o) [time] (informal) fino alla fine di (o) [time]
through (informal) durante
through (o) [means] (informal) per mezzo di (o) [means]
through (o) [means] (informal) tramite (o) [means]
through (o) [adverb] (informal) attraverso (o) [adverb]
through (o) [general] (informal) attraverso (o) [general]
through (informal) per mezzo di ciò
EN Synonyms for through IT Translations
behind [position] зад (zad)
farther [position] по-нататък (prep adv)
finished [completed] обработен (adj)
done [completed] сготвен (adj v)
right [direct] права (prava)
on [part of speech] на (na)
during [part of speech] в продълже́ние на (prep)