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magnate (n) [general] magnate (n) {m} [general]
EN Synonyms for magnate IT Translations
tycoon [nobleman] mogol (n)
aristocrat [nobleman] aristocratica {f}
lord [nobleman] conte {m}
mogul [nobleman] mogol (n)
noble [nobleman] di nobili sentimenti
baron [nobleman] barone {m}
industrialist [nobleman] industriale {m}
financier [rich man] finanziere {m}
capitalist [rich man] capitalista {m}
nobleman [person] nobildonna {f}
patrician [person] patrizio {m}
count [person] contare
don [person] don (n v)
peer [person] guardare attentamente
plutocrat [man of means] plutocrate {m}
rich man [man of means] uomo agiato {m}
IT Italian EN English
magnate (n) [compagnia] {m} tycoon (n) [compagnia]
magnate (n) [wealthy, powerful business person] {m} tycoon (n) [wealthy, powerful business person]
magnate {m} magnate
magnate (n) [generale] {m} magnate (n) [generale]

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IT Synonyms for magnate EN Translations
re [magnate] m king