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use (n) [tools] traitement (n) {m} [tools]
use (v) [employ] utiliser (v) [employ]
use (v) [material] utiliser (v) [material]
use (n) [application] application (n) {f} [application]
use (n) [application] applicage (n) {m} [application]
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use (n v) [act of using] utilisation (n v) {f} [act of using]
use (n) [application] utilisation (n) {f} [application]
use (n) [way of using] utilisation (n) {f} [way of using]
use (n) [purpose] sens (n) {m} [purpose]
use (v) [use up] épuiser (v) [use up]
use (v) [use up] consumer (v) [use up]
use (n) [tools] manipulation (n) {f} [tools]
use utiliser
use (n) [consumption] consommation (n) {f} [consumption]
use (n) [quantity] consommation (n) {f} [quantity]
use (n) [importance] utilité (n) {f} [importance]
use (n) [logic] utilité (n) {f} [logic]
use (n) [usefulness] utilité (n) {f} [usefulness]
use (n) [importance] valeur (n) [importance] (literature)
use (n) [law] jouissance (n) {f} [law]
use (v) [gasoline] consommer (v) [gasoline]
use (v) [material] consommer (v) [material]
use (n) [logic] avantage (n) {m} [logic]
use (n) [logic] bien-fondé (n) {m} [logic]
use (n) [general] emploi (n) {m} [general]
use (v) [material] brûler (v) [material]
use (v) [employ] user (v) [employ]
use (v) [use up] user (v) [use up]
use (n v) [act of using] usage (n v) {m} [act of using]
use (n) [consumption] usage (n) {m} [consumption]
use (n) [law] usage (n) {m} [law]
use (n) [quantity] usage (n) {m} [quantity]
use (n) [use] usage (n) {m} [use]
use (n) [usefulness] usage (n) {m} [usefulness]
use (n) [way of using] usage (n) {m} [way of using]
use (n v) [act of using] emploi (n v) {m} [act of using]
use (n) [application] emploi (n) {m} [application]
use (v) [person] exploiter (v) [person]
use (n) [way of using] emploi (n) {m} [way of using]
use (n) [use] prêt (n) {m} [use]
use (v) [apply] employer (v) [apply]
use (v) [employ] employer (v) [employ]
use (v) [influence] user de (v) [influence]
use (v) [apply] exercer (v) [apply]
use (v) [influence] exercer (v) [influence]
use (v) [influence] faire usage de (v) [influence]
use (v) [influence] se servir de (v) [influence]
use (v) [apply] appliquer (v) [apply]
use servir
EN Synonyms for use FR Translations
gain [value] ganar
service [value] servicio {m}
usefulness [value] utilidad {f}
utility [value] (formal proveedor de servicios (n)
application [value] utilizacion
edge [value] ventaja {f}
advantage [value] ventaja {f}
exercise [application] ejercicio {m}
practice [application] entrenamiento {m}
appliance [application] utensilo
employ [take advantage of] emplear
abuse [take advantage of] insulto {m}
impose [take advantage of] hacer respetar
utilize [take advantage of] aprovechar
exploit [take advantage of] proeza {f}
attendance [aid] vigilancia {f}
assistance [aid] acorro
help [aid] acorro
value [aid] valor {m}
apply [utilize] usar de
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usé (a) [vêtements] worn-out (a) [vêtements]
usé (a) [vêtements] outworn (a) [vêtements]
usé (a) [général] used (a) [général]
usé (adj) [Damaged and useless due to hard or continued use] worn out (adj) [Damaged and useless due to hard or continued use]