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spark (n) [general] étincelle (n) {f} [general]
spark (v) [fireplace] jeter des étincelles (v) [fireplace]
EN Synonyms for spark FR Translations
shaft [ray] hampe {f}
beacon [ray] amer {m}
emission [ray] émission {f}
glimmer [ray] lueur {f}
hint [ray] petit peu {m}
beam [ray] age (n v)
stimulate [be the cause of] (formal stimuler
motivate [be the cause of] inciter
inspire [be the cause of] inspirer
current [electric current] courant {m}
power [electric current] puissance {f}
electricity [electric current] électricité {f}
go off [burst into flame] se gâter
burn [burst into flame] brûler
break out [burst into flame] se dégager de ses liens
flare up [burst into flame] se rallumer
ray [flash] rayon {m}
glow [flash] éclat {m}
sparkle [flash] mousser
shimmer [flash] reluire