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safe (adj n) [baseball: in the base] sauf (adj n) [baseball: in the base]
safe (a) [circumstances] sauf (a) [circumstances]
safe (a) [person] prudent (a) [person]
safe (a) [danger] sûr (a) [danger]
safe (a) [place] sûr (a) [place]
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safe (a) [risk] sûr (a) [risk]
safe (n) [money] coffre-fort (n) {m} [money]
safe (n) [valuables] coffre-fort (n) {m} [valuables]
safe préservatif {m}
safe (a) [danger] sans danger (a) [danger]
safe (a) [danger] indemne (a) [danger]
safe (a) [danger] sain et sauf (a) [danger]
safe de père de famille
safe condom {m}
EN Synonyms for safe FR Translations
stable [state] stajnia {f}
fast [state] szybcy {m}
bound [state] granica {f}
firm [state] firma {f}
solid [quality] wytrzymały
sure [quality] pewnie
sound [property] brzmienie {n}
honest [property] uczciwy
reliable [property] spolegliwy
successful [property] udany
open [passable] otwarcie {n}
observant [careful] uważny
circumspect [careful] ostrożny
watchful [careful] uważny
solicitous [careful] (formal troskliwy
cautious [careful] ostrożny
careful [cautious] ostrożne (adj)
faithful [character trait] lojalny
loyal [character trait] lojalny
wary [behaviour] ostrożny