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ray (n) [light] rayon (n) {m} [light]
EN Synonyms for ray FR Translations
fish [animal] poisson {m}
skate [animal] patin {m}
spark [flash] jeter des étincelles
beam [flash] age (n v)
glow [flash] éclat {m}
sparkle [flash] mousser
shimmer [flash] reluire
glitter [flash] étincellement {m}
gleam [flash] luire
shaft [thing] hampe {f}
streak [thing] raie {f}
stream [thing] torrent {m}
rod [thing] verge
stick [thing] canne {f}
indicator [thing] indicateur {m}
pencil [thing] crayon {m}
spear [arrow] lance {f}
missile [arrow] missile {m}
light [ray of moonlight] lumière {f}
moonbeam [ray of moonlight] rayon de lune {m}