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pendant (n) [jewelry] pendentif (n) {m} [jewelry]
pendant (n) [nautical] flamme (n) {f} [nautical]
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equivalent [match] équivalent {m}
counterpart [match] contre-partie (n)
mate [match] accoupler
equal [match] qui se valent
parallel [match] parallèle {m}
correspondent [match] conforme
medallion [hanging ornament] médaillon {m}
chandelier [hanging ornament] lustre {m}
torque [hanging ornament] torque (n v)
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pendant (a) [droit] pending (a) [droit]
pendant (a) [général] hanging (a) [général]
pendant (o) [durée] during (o) [durée]
pendant (prep) [for all of a given time interval] during (prep) [for all of a given time interval]
pendant (a) [général] floppy (a) [général]
pendant (a) [apparence] saggy (a) [apparence]
pendant (a) [objets] pendulous (a) [objets] (formal)
pendant (a) [dispute] unsettled (a) [dispute]

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