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party (n) [entertainment] soirée (n) {f} [entertainment]
party (n) [people] groupe (n) {m} [people]
party (v) [celebration] festoyer (v) [celebration]
party (v) [celebration] faire la fête (v) [celebration]
party (n) [entertainment] fête (n) {f} [entertainment]
party (n) [politics] parti (n) {m} [politics]
party parti politique
party parti {m}
EN Synonyms for party FR Translations
company [collection] podjetje
concentration [collection] koncentracija
club [people] klub {m}
circle [people] krožnica {f}
attachment [affection] navezanost
camp [group of dissidents] kamp
conspiracy [group of dissidents] zarota {f}
play [lark] igrati se