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Open to view Nu (lettre grecque)

EN FR Translations for open

open (a) [behavior] droit (a) {m} [behavior]
open (v) [discussion] commencer (v) [discussion]
open (v) [discussion] engager (v) [discussion]
open (v) [figuratively] ouvrir (v) [figuratively]
open (v) [general] ouvrir (v) [general]
open (v) [store] ouvrir (v) [store]
open (v) [flowers] s'ouvrir (v) [flowers]
open (v) [flowers] s'épanouir (v) [flowers]
open (a) [behavior] franc (a) {m} [behavior]
open (a) [character] franc (a) {m} [character]

EN FR Translations for to

to (o) [general] de (o) [general]
to (o) [direction] sur (o) [direction]
to (o) [general] concernant (o) [general]
to (o) [general] en ce qui concerne (o) [general]
to (o) [general] à propos de (o) [general]
to (o) [general] au sujet de (o) [general]
to (o) [reaching as far as] jusqu'à (o) [reaching as far as]
to (o) [until and including] jusqu'à (o) [until and including]
to (o) [reaching as far as] jusque (o) [reaching as far as]
to (o) [reaching as far as] jusqu'aux (o) [reaching as far as]

EN FR Translations for view

view (n v) [computing: logical table in database] vue (n v) {f} [computing: logical table in database]
view (n) [field of vision] vue (n) {f} [field of vision]
view (n) [thought] vue (n) {f} [thought]
view (n) [window] vue (n) {f} [window]
view (v) [general] regarder (v) [general]
view (v) [television] regarder (v) [television]
view (n) [thought] avis (n) {m} [thought]
view (n) [thought] disposition (n) {f} [thought]
view (n) [thought] attitude (n) {f} [thought]
view (n) [thought] opinion (n) {f} [thought]