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leurre (n v) [animal used by hunters to lure game] {m} decoy (n v) [animal used by hunters to lure game]
leurre (n) [appât] {m} decoy (n) [appât]
leurre (n) [appât] {m} bait (n) [appât]
leurre (n) [appât] {m} lure (n) [appât]
leurre (n v) [trick or stratagem] {m} wile (n v) [trick or stratagem]

French English translations

FR Synonyms for leurre EN Translations
amorce [appât] f detonator
manne [appât] f manna
mouche [amorce] f fly
cuiller [amorce] f spoon
piège [amorce] m booby trap
tromperie [amorce] f fallacy
appât [amorce] m lure
duperie [plaisanterie] f deceit
farce [plaisanterie] f stuffing
blague [plaisanterie] f jest
niche [plaisanterie] f niche
tour [plaisanterie] m cycle
bateau [plaisanterie] m ship
supercherie [tromperie] f deception
tricherie [tromperie] f trickery
fourberie [tromperie] f guile (formal)
perfidie [tromperie] f insincerity
illusion [rêve] f figment
espérance [rêve] f expectancy