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garder (v) [emploi] keep on (v) [emploi]
garder (v) [animaux] keep watch over (v) [animaux]
garder (v) [animaux] tend (v) [animaux]
garder (v) [militaire] be on guard (v) [militaire]
garder (v) [militaire] stand guard (v) [militaire]
FR French EN English
garder (v) [sécurité] watch over (v) [sécurité]
garder (v) [sécurité] guard (v) [sécurité]
garder (v) [militaire] guard (v) [militaire]
garder (v) [nourriture] hold down (v) [nourriture]
garder (v) [nourriture] keep down (v) [nourriture]
garder (v) [nourriture] save (v) [nourriture] (formal)
garder (v) [possession] retain (v) [possession]
garder (v) [emploi] retain (v) [emploi]
garder (v) [bébé] take care of (v) [bébé]
garder (v) [général] keep an eye on (v) [général]
garder (v) [général] watch (v) [général]
garder (v) [situation] maintain (v) [situation]
garder (v) [situation] preserve (v) [situation]
garder (v) [possession] keep (v) [possession]
garder (v) [bébé] mind (v) [bébé]

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