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crowd (v n) [group of people] foule (v n) {f} [group of people]
crowd (n) [people] foule (n) {f} [people]
EN Synonyms for crowd FR Translations
multitude [society] multitude {f}
throng [society] essaim {m}
mob [society] populace {f}
host [society] hostie {f}
horde [society] horde {f}
army [society] armée {f}
array [throng] troupes en rangs {f}
turnout [assemblage] spectateurs (mp)
audience [assemblage] spectateurs (mp)
assembly [assemblage] réunion {f}
public [assemblage] public {m}
congregation [assemblage] rassemblement {m}
attendance [assemblage] spectateurs (mp)
swarm [group] essaim {m}
gathering [group] cahier {m}
mass [group] masse {f}
squeeze [contract] pincement {m}
constrict [contract] resserrer
pack [contract] faire les valises
crush [contract] barricade {f}