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approach (n) [general] approche (n) {f} [general]
approach (n) [method] approche (n) {f} [method]
approach (n) [problem] approche (n) {f} [problem]
approach (v) [ask] s'adresser à (v) [ask]
approach (v) [ask] parler à (v) [ask]
approach (n) [problem] point de vue (n) {m} [problem]
approach (n) [problem] optique (n) {f} [problem]
approach (v) [transitive] s'approcher de (v) [transitive]
approach (v) [transitive] venir près de (v) [transitive]
approach (v) [transitive]
  • approached
  • approach
  • approach
  • approached
  • approached
approcher (v) [transitive]
  • aies approché
  • aient approché
  • approches
  • approchent
approach abords (mp)
approach (n) [general] abord (n) {m} [general]
approach s'approcher
approach approche {f}
EN Synonyms for approach FR Translations
manner [disposition] mode {m}
feeling [disposition] émotion {f}
bearing [disposition] porteur {m}
temperament [disposition] tempérament {m}
spirit [disposition] spiritueux
attitude [disposition] attitude {f}
hail [greet] grêle {f}
accost [greet] accoster
apply [greet] appliquer
direct [greet] direct
speak to [greet] parler avec
address [greet] adresse {f}
conform [equal] s'aligner (v)
amount to [equal] revenir à
intention [purpose] emploi {m}
plan [purpose] plan {m}
aim [purpose] ambition {f}
objective [purpose] impartial
method [purpose] méthode {f}
angle [purpose] être en pente