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annulation (n) [act of cancelling] {f} cancellation (n) [act of cancelling]
annulation (n) [conférence] {f} cancellation (n) [conférence]
annulation (n) [réservation] {f} cancellation (n) [réservation]
annulation (v n) [cancellation] {f} cancel (v n) [cancellation]
annulation (n) [lois] {f} repeal (n) [lois]
annulation (n) [lois] {f} rescission (n) [lois]
annulation (n) [droit] {f} annulment (n) [droit]
annulation (n) [lois] {f} annulment (n) [lois]
annulation (n) [droit] {f} invalidation (n) [droit]
annulation (n) [droit] {f} avoidance (n) [droit]
annulation (n) [contrat] {f} nullification (n) [contrat]

French English translations

FR Synonyms for annulation EN Translations
résiliation [abrogation] f annullering (v n)
prescription [abrogation] f hævd
suppression [abrogation] annullering (v n)
extinction [abrogation] f udslettelse (n)
résolution [abrogation] f opløsning
ruine [dislocation] f ruin (n v)
destruction [dislocation] f ødelæggelse (n)
dissolution [dislocation] f opløsning
renvoi [résiliation] m bøvs {n}
arrêt [cessation] m stoppested (adv n v)