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hecho de (o) [material] of (o) [material]
hecho de (o) [material] made from (o) [material]

ES EN Translations for hecho

hecho (n v) [action] {m} deed (n v) [action]
hecho (n) [general] {m} event (n) [general]
hecho (n) [general] {m} occurrence (n) [general]
hecho {m} fact
hecho (n) [an honest observation] {m} fact (n) [an honest observation]
hecho (n) [general] {m} fact (n) [general]
hecho (a) [general] {m} made (a) [general]
hecho (a) [vestuario] {m} ready-made (a) [vestuario]
hecho (a) [vestuario] {m} ready-to-wear (a) [vestuario]

ES EN Translations for de

de (o) [general] to (o) [general]
de (o) [concerniente] concerning (o) [concerniente]
de (o) [concerniente] regarding (o) [concerniente]
de (o) [concerniente] about (o) [concerniente]
de (o) [sujeto] about (o) [sujeto]
de of
de (o) [general] of (o) [general]
de (o) [origen] of (o) [origen]
de (o) [posesión] of (o) [posesión]
de out of