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EN DE Translations for you

you (n) dich (n)
you (o) [general] dich (o) [general]
you (o) [pers. pron. - direct object - sg.] dich (o) [pers. pron. - direct object - sg.]
you (a) dir (a)
you (o) [general] dir (o) [general]
you (o) [pers. pron. - indirect object - sg.] dir (o) [pers. pron. - indirect object - sg.]
you (n) du (n)
you (o) [general] du (o) [general]
you (o) [pers. pron. - subject - sg.] du (o) [pers. pron. - subject - sg.]
you (n) euch (n)

EN DE Translations for can't

EN DE Translations for fool

to fool (v) [joke] bemogeln (v) [joke]
to fool (v) [deception] beschwindeln (v) [deception]
to fool (v) [joke] beschwindeln (v) [joke]
to fool (v) [deception] hereinlegen (v) [deception]
to fool (v) [joke] hereinlegen (v) [joke]
to fool (v) [joke] reinlegen (v) [joke]
to fool (v) [joke] zum Narren halten (v) [joke]
to fool (v) [deception] irreführen (v) [deception]
to fool (v) betrügen (v)
to fool (v) [deception] betrügen (v) [deception]

EN DE Translations for me

me ich
me (a) mich (a)
me (o) [pers. pron. - direct object] mich (o) [pers. pron. - direct object]
me (o) [pers. pron. - indirect object] mich (o) [pers. pron. - indirect object]
me (a) mir (a)
me (o) [pers. pron. - indirect object] mir (o) [pers. pron. - indirect object]
me (v) icke (v)
me (n) ick (n)