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EN DE Translations for worm

worm winden (sich)
worm Schnecke {f}
to worm (v) [animals] entwurmen (v) [animals]
worm (n) Wurm (n) {m}
worm (v) Wurm (v) {m}
worm (n v) [animal] Wurm (n v) {m} [animal]
worm (n) [entomology] Wurm (n) {m} [entomology]
worm Made {f}
worm Raupe {f}
worm sich winden

EN DE Translations for geared

EN DE Translations for drive

to drive (v) antreiben (v)
to drive (v) [mechanical] antreiben (v) [mechanical]
to drive (v) treiben (v)
to drive (v) [mechanical] treiben (v) [mechanical]
to drive (v) [construction] rammen (v) [construction]
drive ansteuern
drive schlagen
drive bohren
drive steuern
drive (n) Antrieb (n) {m}

EN DE Translations for motor

motor (n) Auto (n) {n}
motor Maschine {f}
motor Schlitten {m}
motor (n) Motor (n) {m}
motor (n) [automobiles] Motor (n) {m} [automobiles]
motor (a) [automobiles] Motor- (a) [automobiles]
motor (a) motorisch (a)
motor (a) [physiology] motorisch (a) [physiology]
motor Antriebsmaschine
motor mit dem Auto fahren