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with child (a) schwanger (a)
with child (adj) [pregnant] in guter Hoffnung sein (adj) [pregnant] (adj)
with child (adj) [pregnant] in der Hoffnung sein (adj) [pregnant] (adj)

EN DE Translations for with

with vor
with (n) bei (n)
with (o) [in the company of] bei (o) [in the company of]
with (prep) [against] gegen (prep) [against]
with (n) mit (n)
with (prep) [against] mit (prep) [against]
with (o) [at the same rate as] mit (o) [at the same rate as]
with (o) [feature] mit (o) [feature]
with (o) [general] mit (o) [general]
with (o) [in the case of] mit (o) [in the case of]

EN DE Translations for child

child (n) Kind (n) {n}
child (n) [general] Kind (n) {n} [general]
EN Synonyms for with child DE Translations
gravid [pregnant] schwanger
expecting [pregnant] annehmend
parturient [pregnant] kreißend
enceinte [pregnant] schwanger
expectant [pregnant] schwanger
pregnant [animal] wertstoffhaltig
big [animal] hoch