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EN DE Translations for warning

warning (n) Warnung (n) {f}
warning (n) [future] Warnung (n) {f} [future]
warning (n int) [instance of warning someone] Warnung (n int) {f} [instance of warning someone]
warning (n) [sign] Warnung (n) {f} [sign]
warning (n) [disapproval] Verwarnung (n) {f} [disapproval]
warning (n) [information] Hinweis (n) {m} [information]
warning (n) [information] Tipp (n) {m} [information]
warning (n) Vorwarnung (n) {f}
warning (n) [future] Vorwarnung (n) {f} [future]
warning (n) [disapproval] Ermahnung (n) {f} [disapproval]

EN DE Translations for flash

flash Schlag {m}
flash (a) [unexpected] plötzlich (a) [unexpected]
flash vorzeigen
flash Flamme {f}
flash rasen
flash protzig
flash (v) blinken (v)
to flash (v) [light] blinken (v) [light]
flash Schein {m}
flash aufleuchten

EN DE Translations for light

light (a) [air] dünn (a) [air]
light (a) hell (a)
light (a) [color] hell (a) [color]
light anmachen
to light (v) anmachen (v)
light anstecken (sich)
light (v) Feuer (v) {n}
light (n) [smoking] Feuer (n) {n} [smoking]
light (v) leicht (v)
light (a) leicht (a)