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EN DE Translations for united

united (a) [effort] gesamt (a) [effort]
united geschlossen
united (n) geschlossen (n)
united (a) [effort] gemeinsam (a) [effort]
united (a) [effort] gemeinschaftlich (a) [effort]
united verbunden
united (a) [general] vereinigt (a) [general]
united (a) [effort] kollektiv (a) [effort]
united (a) [effort] vereint (a) [effort]
united (adj) [involving the joint activity of multiple agents] vereint (adj) [involving the joint activity of multiple agents]

EN DE Translations for nations

EN DE Translations for high

high (a) [narcotics] (informal) drogensüchtig (a) [narcotics]
high (informal) Spitze {f}
high (informal) blau
high (informal) groß
high (n) (informal) hoch (n)
high (a) (informal) hoch (a)
high (a) [general] (informal) hoch (a) [general]
high (o) [general] (informal) hoch (o) [general]
high (a) [prices] (informal) hoch (a) [prices]
high (a) [size] (informal) hoch (a) [size]

EN DE Translations for commissioner

commissioner Bevollmächtigte {m}
commissioner (n) Kommissar (n) {m}
commissioner (n) [member of a commission] Kommissar (n) {m} [member of a commission]
commissioner (n) [politics] Kommissar (n) {m} [politics]
commissioner Bevollmächtigter (m)
commissioner Kommissionsmitglied {n} (n)
commissioner (n) [member of a commission] Kommissionsmitglied (n) {n} [member of a commission] (n)

EN DE Translations for for

for (o) [general] zu (o) [general]
for als
for (conj prep) [because] da (conj prep) [because]
for (o) [reason] da (o) [reason]
for (o) [reason] da einmal (o) [reason]
for (o) [general] denn (o) [general]
for (o) [reason] denn (o) [reason]
for (o) [reason] nämlich (o) [reason]
for (o) [reason] wegen (o) [reason]
for (v) weil (v)

EN DE Translations for human

EN DE Translations for rights

rights (n) [politics] Rechte (n) {f} [politics]