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truly (o) [really] (formal) gerecht (o) [really]
truly (o) [doubt] (formal) wirklich (o) [doubt]
truly (adv) [honestly, genuinely] (formal) wirklich (adv) [honestly, genuinely]
truly (o) [really] (formal) wirklich (o) [really]
truly (adv) [honestly, genuinely] (formal) ehrlich (adv) [honestly, genuinely]
truly (o) [sincerely] (formal) ehrlich (o) [sincerely]
truly (a) (formal) genau (a)
truly (o) [sincerely] (formal) aufrichtig (o) [sincerely]
truly (n) (formal) nochall (n)
truly (formal) wahrlich
truly (formal) fürwahr
truly (a) (formal) ehrlicherweise (a)
truly (formal) ungelogen
EN Synonyms for truly DE Translations
actually [in truth] egentlig (adv)
certainly [no kidding] nok
naturally [no kidding] naturligvis
right [precisely] til højre
just [part of speech] bare
quite [part of speech] meget
still [part of speech] endnu
even [part of speech] lige
moreover [really] desuden