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transmission (n) Fortleitung (n)
transmission Fortleitung
transmission (n) Übersetzung (n) {f}
transmission Übersetzung {f}
transmission (n) [information] Übersendung (n) {f} [information]
transmission (n) Übertragung (n) {f}
transmission (n) [radio - television] Aussendung (n) {f} [radio - television]
transmission (n) [vehicles] Getriebe (n) {n} [vehicles]
transmission (n) Getriebe (n) {n}
transmission Transfer {m}
transmission Sendung {f}
transmission (n) [medicine] Übertragung (n) {f} [medicine]
transmission (n) [information] Übertragung (n) {f} [information]
transmission (n) [act of transmitting] Übertragung (n) {f} [act of transmitting]
EN Synonyms for transmission DE Translations
distribution [distribution of periodicals] verdeling {f}
dissemination [distribution of periodicals] verbreiding {f}
delivery [distribution of periodicals] levering {f}
dispersion [distribution of periodicals] dispersie {f}
apportionment [distribution of periodicals] toebedeling {f}
circulation [distribution of periodicals] oplage {m}
transport [act of conveying] transport {n}
transfer [act of conveying] opnemen {n}
movement [act of conveying] mechaniek (f/n)
communication [act of conveying] (formal communiqué {n}
transportation [act of conveying] transportmiddel {n}
conveyance [act of conveying] overbrenging {f}
infection [contamination] besmetting {f}
spread [contamination] verbreiden
contagion [contamination] (formal besmetting {f}
connection [thing] contactpersoon {m}
clutch [thing] klauw {m}
intercourse [interaction] (formal geslachtelijke omgang {m}
contact [interaction] contact {n}
touch [interaction] aanslag {m}