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EN English DE German
symphony (n) [music] Symphonie (n) {f} [music]
symphony (n) [piece of orchestral music] Symphonie (n) {f} [piece of orchestral music]
symphony Sinfonie {f}
symphony (n) Sinfonie (n) {f}
symphony (n) [piece of orchestral music] Sinfonie (n) {f} [piece of orchestral music]
EN Synonyms for symphony DE Translations
orchestra [band] orkester
show [musical performance] vise
literature [work of art] (informal litteratur
novel [work of art] ny
fiction [work of art] opspind (n)
essay [work of art] forsøge
poetry [work of art] digtning
song [sound] slik
melody [sound] melodi
air [sound] luft
music [sound] musik
piece [musical composition] brudstykke