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strength Festigkeit {f}
strength Widerstandsfähigkeit; Festigkeit
strength Standfestigkeit
strength Derbheit {f}
strength Belastbarkeit (f)
strength Stichhaltigkeit {f}
strength (n) Widerstandsfähigkeit (n) {f}
strength Feldstärke
strength Mumm {m}
strength Schärfe {f}
strength (n) Festigkeit (n) {f}
strength (n) [finance] Vermögen (n) {n} [finance]
strength Heftigkeit {f}
strength Zähigkeit {f}
strength (n) [intensity of a force or power] Stärke (n) {f} [intensity of a force or power]
strength (n) Stärke (n) {f}
strength Stärke {f}
strength (n) [physical condition] Kraft (n) {f} [physical condition]
strength (n) [intensity of a force or power] Kraft (n) {f} [intensity of a force or power]
strength (n) [general] Kraft (n) {f} [general]
strength Aktivität {f}
strength (n) [finance] finanzielle Belastbarkeit (n) {f} [finance]
EN Synonyms for strength DE Translations
energy [characteristic] Tatendrang {m}
dynamism [characteristic] Rasanz {f}
impetus [characteristic] Aufwind {m}
potential [characteristic] prospektiv
intensity [characteristic] Feldstärke
might [characteristic] (literature Stärke {f}
power [characteristic] Leistungsfähigkeit {f}
force [characteristic] treiben
shore [support] Ufer {n}
prop [support] Steife {f}
stay [support] Station {f}
strut [support] verstreben
brace [support] Zange {f}
vigour [physical condition] BE Stärke {f}
nerve [physical condition] nerven
sway [command] wanken
influence [command] Einwirkungsmöglichkeit
control [command] Überwachung {f}
supremacy [command] Oberherrschaft {f}
rule [command] Regiment {n}