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Rede (n) {f} speech (n)
Rede (n) [an oration, session of speaking] {f} speech (n) [an oration, session of speaking]
Rede (n) [formell] {f} speech (n) [formell]
Rede (n) {f} talk (n)
Rede {f} talk
Rede (n) [formell] {f} address (n) [formell]
Rede (n) {f} address (n)
Rede (n) [allgemein] {f} oration (n) [allgemein]
Rede (n) {f} discourse (n) (formal)
Rede (n) {f} elocution (n)
Rede (n) {f} language (n)
Rede (n) {f} conversation (n)
Rede {f} discourse (formal)
Rede {f} conversation
Rede {f} saying
Rede {f} monologue
Rede {f} sermon
Rede {f} rhetoric
Rede {f} harangue
Rede {f} Address
Rede {f} Discourse
Rede {f} Point (geometry)
Rede {f} monolog

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