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EN DE Translations for policy

policy Grundsatz {m}
policy Kurs {m}
policy (n) Richtlinie (n) {f}
policy Leitlinie {f}
policy Vorgehensweise (f)
policy (n) [insurance] Police (n) {f} [insurance]
policy (n) Versicherungspolice (n) {f}
policy (n) [insurance] Versicherungspolice (n) {f} [insurance]
policy Politik {f}
policy (n) [business company - politics] Politik (n) {f} [business company - politics]

EN DE Translations for towards

EN DE Translations for syria

Syria Syrien (n)
Syria (n) Syrien (n) (n)
Syria (proper) [country in the Middle East] Syrien (proper) [country in the Middle East] (n)
Syria Arabische Republik Syrien
Syria Syria