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EN DE Translations for overrunning

EN DE Translations for of

of (o) [general] zu (o) [general]
of an
of auf
of (o) [general] für (o) [general]
of (n) vor (n)
of (o) [time] vor (o) [time]
of über
of (o) [books] durch (o) [books]
of (o) [general] mit (o) [general]
of (n) von (n)

EN DE Translations for a

a (n) ein (n)
a (o) [indefinite article] ein (o) [indefinite article]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] ein (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (o) [indefinite article] eine (o) [indefinite article]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] eine (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] irgendein (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] irgendeine (a) [indefinite determiner]
a a
a (n) bat (n)
a (n) einen (n)

EN DE Translations for stop

stop abstellen
to stop (v) abstellen (v)
stop (n) [general] Pause (n) {f} [general]
stop abbrechen
to stop (v) abbrechen (v)
stop abreißen
to stop (v) abschneiden (v)
stop Abbruch {m}
stop aussetzen
to stop (v) [hole] abdichten (v) [hole]

EN DE Translations for signal

signal (v) Zeichen (v) {n}
signal (n) [communication] Zeichen (n) {n} [communication]
signal Meldung {f}
signal (n v adj) [To indicate] signalisieren (n v adj) [To indicate]
to signal (v) [sign] signalisieren (v) [sign]
to signal (v) [warning] signalisieren (v) [warning]
to signal (v) [indication] deutlich machen (v) [indication]
to signal (v) anzeigen (v)
signal Anzeichen {n}
signal ankündigen