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EN DE Translations for outside

EN DE Translations for television

television (n) Fernsehen (n) {n}
television (n) [electronics] Fernsehen (n) {n} [electronics]
television (n) [electronics] Television (n) {f} [electronics]
television Fernsehapparat {m} (m)
television (n) Fernsehapparat (n) {m} (m)
television (n) [device for receiving television signals] Fernsehapparat (n) {m} [device for receiving television signals] (m)
television Fernsehempfänger
television Fernseher (m)
television (n) [Room] Fernseher (n) [Room] (m)
television (n) [device for receiving television signals] Fernseher (n) [device for receiving television signals] (m)

EN DE Translations for broadcast

to broadcast (v) [television] übertragen (v) [television]
broadcast (v) senden (v)
to broadcast (v) [television] senden (v) [television]
broadcast Übertragung {f}
broadcast ausposaunen
broadcast (n) [television] Sendung (n) {f} [television]
to broadcast (v) ausstrahlen (v)
broadcast Rundschreiben {n}
broadcast (v) Rundschreiben (v) {n}
broadcast Rundfunk {m}

EN DE Translations for link

link binden
to link (v) [connection] verbinden (v) [connection]
to link (v) [place] verbinden (v) [place]
link Leitung {f}
link Strecke {f}
link (n) Glied (n) {n}
link (v) Glied (v) {n}
link (n) [chain] Glied (n) {n} [chain]
link (n) [connection] Glied (n) {n} [connection]
link (n) [connection] Verbindung (n) {f} [connection]