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EN DE Translations for our

our unser
our (a) [poss. determiner - sg.] unser (a) [poss. determiner - sg.]
our (a) [poss. determiner - pl.] unsere (a) [poss. determiner - pl.]
our (a) [poss. determiner - sg.] unsere (a) [poss. determiner - sg.]
our (a) [poss. determiner - pl.] unsre (a) [poss. determiner - pl.]
our (a) [poss. determiner - sg.] unsre (a) [poss. determiner - sg.]
our unseren

EN DE Translations for tiredness

tiredness (n) [exhaustion] Ermüdung (n) {f} [exhaustion]
tiredness Abspannung
tiredness (n) [exhaustion] Ermattung (n) {f} [exhaustion]
tiredness (n) [exhaustion] Erschöpfung (n) {f} [exhaustion]
tiredness (n) Müdigkeit (n) {f}
tiredness (n) [physical condition] Müdigkeit (n) {f} [physical condition]
tiredness (n) [state of being tired] Müdigkeit (n) {f} [state of being tired]
tiredness Schläfrigkeit {f}
tiredness Abgespanntheit
tiredness Mattigkeit

EN DE Translations for fell

to fell (v) [cut down] senken (v) [cut down]
to fell (v) [cut down] abholzen (v) [cut down]
to fell (v) fällen (v)
to fell (v) [cut down] fällen (v) [cut down]
to fell (v) [cut down] niederhauen (v) [cut down]
to fell (v) [cut down] niedermetzeln (v) [cut down]
to fell (v) [cut down] zusammenhauen (v) [cut down]
fell gefallen
fell schlagen
to fell (v) schlagen (v)

EN DE Translations for away

away (n) fort (n)
away (o) [aside] fort (o) [aside]
away (o) [distance] entfernt (o) [distance]
away abwesend
away unterwegs
away (o) [aside] beiseite (o) [aside]
away (o) [aside] weg (o) [aside]
away auswärts
away (v) fern- (v)
away (n) von dannen (n)