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EN DE Translations for voltage

voltage (n) Spannung (n) {f}
voltage (n) [amount of electrostatic potential] Spannung (n) {f} [amount of electrostatic potential]
voltage (n) [electricity] Spannung (n) {f} [electricity]
voltage elektrische Spannung
voltage (n) elektrische Spannung (n)
voltage (n) [electricity] Stromspannung (n) {f} [electricity]
voltage Voltzahl
voltage Voltage
voltage Spannung (elektr.)

EN DE Translations for gain

to gain (v) gewinnen (v)
to gain (v) [acquire] gewinnen (v) [acquire]
gain (prep adj adv n v) [acquire] gewinnen (prep adj adv n v) [acquire]
to gain (v) [confidence] gewinnen (v) [confidence]
gain fangen
gain einfangen
to gain (v) [acquire] bekommen (v) [acquire]
to gain (v) [acquire] erhalten (v) [acquire]
to gain (v) [acquire] erlangen (v) [acquire]
to gain (v) [acquire] erwerben (v) [acquire]