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EN DE Translations for on

on fort
on (o) [surface] darauf (o) [surface]
on nach
on an
on (n) an (n)
on (n) auf (n)
on (o) [preposition] auf (o) [preposition]
on in
on über
on (n) über (n)

EN DE Translations for a

a (n) ein (n)
a (o) [indefinite article] ein (o) [indefinite article]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] ein (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (o) [indefinite article] eine (o) [indefinite article]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] eine (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] irgendein (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] irgendeine (a) [indefinite determiner]
a a
a (n) bat (n)
a (n) einen (n)

EN DE Translations for sample

sample abfragen
sample (v) Probe (v) {f}
sample (n) [medicine] Probe (n) {f} [medicine]
sample (n) [textiles] Probe (n) {f} [textiles]
sample (n) [trial amount] Probe (n) {f} [trial amount]
sample probieren
sample (v) probieren (v)
to sample (v) [food] kosten (v) [food]
sample abtasten
sample (v) abtasten (v)

EN DE Translations for basis

basis (n) [principle] Grund (n) {m} [principle]
basis Plattform {f}
basis (n) [building] Basis (n) {f} [building]
basis (n) [building] Fundament (n) {n} [building]
basis (n) Grundlage (n) {f}
basis (n) [principle] Grundlage (n) {f} [principle]
basis Boden {m}
basis Grundstock