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offen (a) [Aussicht] unhindered (a) [Aussicht]
offen (a) [Benehmen] candid (a) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [Benehmen] on the up-and-up (a) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [Benehmen] on the up and up (a) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [Benehmen] upfront (a) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [Benehmen] up-front (a) [Benehmen]
offen (o) [Benehmen] frankly (o) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [Aussicht] unobstructed (a) [Aussicht]
offen (a) [Aussicht] unimpeded (a) [Aussicht]
offen (a) [Aussicht] clear (a) [Aussicht]
offen (a) [Aussicht] unrestricted (a) [Aussicht]
offen (a) vacant (a)
offen (a) [Beschäftigung] vacant (a) [Beschäftigung]
offen (o) [Benehmen] openly (o) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [Handel] loose (a) [Handel]
offen (a) [allgemein] open-ended (a) [allgemein]
offen (a) [Akt] overt (a) [Akt] (formal)
offen (a) [Benehmen] aboveboard (a) [Benehmen]
offen (o) [allgemein] freely (o) [allgemein]
offen (a) [Handel] receivable (a) [Handel]
offen (a) [Benehmen] honest (a) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [Benehmen] frank (a) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [Charakter] frank (a) [Charakter]
offen (a) [Benehmen] straightforward (a) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [Benehmen] sincere (a) [Benehmen]
offen (a) [nicht geschlossen] open (a) [nicht geschlossen]
offen (a) open (a)
offen (a) [allgemein] open (a) [allgemein]
offen (a) [Charakter] open (a) [Charakter]
offen unclenched
offen unclosed
offen open, (Stelle) vacant
offen free spoken
offen undone
offen opened
offen overtly
offen candidly
offen in forthright terms
offen large-minded
offen unliquidated
offen avowedly
offen blatantly
offen forthrightly
offen ingenuously
offen outspokenly
offen broad-minded
offen outright
offen blatant
offen responsive
offen straight
offen (adj n v) [bluntly honest] frank (adj n v) [bluntly honest]
offen sincerely
offen outstanding
offen point-blank
offen pervious
offen outspoken
offen free-spoken
offen forthright
offen plump
offen ingenuous
offen unsettled
offen unanswered

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