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in actual use (a) [applied] praktisch (a) [applied]
in actual use (a) [applied] angewandt (a) [applied]

EN DE Translations for in

in an
in auf
in (n) auf (n)
in (v) in (v)
in (o) [preposition] in (o) [preposition]
in (o) [proximity] in (o) [proximity]
in über
in (o) [proximity] bei (o) [proximity]
in (a) ein- (a)
in herein

EN DE Translations for actual

actual (a) tatsächlich (a)
actual (adj n) [emphasise a noun] tatsächlich (adj n) [emphasise a noun]
actual (a) [real] tatsächlich (a) [real]
actual (a) [real] wirklich (a) [real]
actual konkret
actual (a) aktuell (a)
actual (a) [general] aktuell (a) [general]
actual (a) [present-day] gegenwärtig (a) [present-day]
actual (a) [present-day] heutig (a) [present-day]
actual jetzig

EN DE Translations for use

use (v) verbrauchen (v)
to use (v) [gasoline] verbrauchen (v) [gasoline]
to use (v) [material] verbrauchen (v) [material]
to use (v) [use up] verbrauchen (v) [use up]
use ausführen
to use (v) [use up] erschöpfen (v) [use up]
use (n) [importance] Nutzen (n) {m} [importance]
use (n) [logic] Nutzen (n) {m} [logic]
use (n) [importance] Wert (n) {m} [importance]
use (n) Zweck (n) {m}