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grow into (v) [become] werden (v) [become]
grow into (v) [become] verändern (v) [become] (sich)
grow into (v) [become] entwickeln (v) [become]

EN DE Translations for grow

grow ziehen
grow werden
to grow (v) anbauen (v)
to grow (v) [crops] anbauen (v) [crops]
to grow (v) [business company] anwachsen (v) [business company]
to grow (v) [business company] expandieren (v) [business company]
to grow (v) [beard] sich wachsen lassen (v) [beard]
to grow (v) wachsen (v)
grow (v) [(''intransitive'') to appear or sprout] wachsen (v) [(''intransitive'') to appear or sprout]
to grow (v) [business company] wachsen (v) [business company]

EN DE Translations for into

into rein
into zu
into (n) auf (n)
into (v) in (v)
into (o) [direction] in (o) [direction]
into (o) [preposition] in (o) [preposition]
into gegen
to into (v) fressen (v)
into ins
into (n) hinein (n)