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government Administration {f}
government Verwaltung {f}
government Beherrschung {f}
government (n) Regierung (n) {f}
government (n) [body with the power to make and/or enforce laws] Regierung (n) {f} [body with the power to make and/or enforce laws]
government (n) [general] Regierung (n) {f} [general]
government (n) [politics] Regierung (n) {f} [politics]
government Rektion
government (n) Rektion (n)
government Obrigkeit (f)
government Staats...
government Staatsregierung
EN Synonyms for government DE Translations
supervision [management] Supervision
organisation [management] Organisation {f}
organization [management] Einteilung {f}
command [management] Geheiß {n}
authority [management] Stelle {f}
administration [management] Eingabe (f)
management [administration] Steuerung
state [institution] Beschaffenheit {f}
nation [people] Volk {n}
republic [people] Republik {f}
commonwealth [people] Gesamtheit der Staatsbürger {f}
country [people] ländlich
community [people] Kolonie {f}
federation [people] Gruppe {f}
land [people] Grund {m}
reign [political power] Regierung {f}
rule [political power] Regiment {n}
sovereignty [political power] Oberherrschaft {f}
ascendancy [political power] Einfluss {m}
sway [political power] wanken