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frei (o) [allgemein] freely (o) [allgemein]
frei (a) [unentgeltlich] free of charge (a) [unentgeltlich]
frei (a) [unentgeltlich] gratuitous (a) [unentgeltlich]
frei (a) [unentgeltlich] gratis (a) [unentgeltlich]
frei (a) [Platz] vacant (a) [Platz]
frei (a) [Aussicht] unrestricted (a) [Aussicht]
frei (a) [Aussicht] unhindered (a) [Aussicht]
frei (a) [Aussicht] unimpeded (a) [Aussicht]
frei (a) [Aussicht] unobstructed (a) [Aussicht]
frei (a) [allgemein] leisured (a) [allgemein]
frei (a) [unentgeltlich] for nothing (a) [unentgeltlich]
frei (a) [Benehmen] casual (a) [Benehmen]
frei (a) [Aussicht] clear (a) [Aussicht]
frei (o) [mangelnd] destitute of (o) [mangelnd] (formal)
frei (o) [mangelnd] void of (o) [mangelnd]
frei (o) [mangelnd] devoid (o) [mangelnd] (formal)
frei (o) [mangelnd] without (o) [mangelnd]
frei (o) [mangelnd] lacking (o) [mangelnd]
frei (a) [kostenlos, umsonst] free (a) [kostenlos, umsonst]
frei (a) [gefangen] free (a) [gefangen]
frei (a) free (a)
frei (a) [verfügbar] free (a) [verfügbar]
frei (a) [ungehindert] free (a) [ungehindert]
frei (a) [unentgeltlich] free (a) [unentgeltlich]
frei (a) [uneingeschränkt] free (a) [uneingeschränkt]
frei (a) [allgemein] free (a) [allgemein]
frei unobstructedly
frei wheeling
frei permitted
frei at large
frei on the loose
frei free and easy
frei untrapped
frei unexclusive
frei unhampered
frei uncontrolled
frei unengagedly
frei across the counter
frei nonattached
frei fob, f.o.b. : free on board
frei franco , fco.
frei unbound
frei prepaid
frei available
frei released
frei intrinsic
frei openly
frei unrestrained
frei (adv) [in a free manner] freely (adv) [in a free manner]
frei open
frei (adv adj) [free, without charge] gratis (adv adj) [free, without charge]
frei (adj) [not occupied] vacant (adj) [not occupied]
frei blank
frei allowed
frei freed
frei disengaged

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