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first post Wecksignal {n}

EN DE Translations for first

first (n) erst (n)
first (o) [ordinal number] erst (o) [ordinal number]
first (n) zuerst (n)
first (o) [ordinal number] zuerst (o) [ordinal number]
first (o) [origin] zuerst (o) [origin]
first (o) [sequence] zuerst (o) [sequence]
first (adj adv n) [before anything else] an erster Stelle (adj adv n) [before anything else]
first (n) erste (n)
first (a) [ordinal number] erste (a) [ordinal number]
first (n) [ordinal number] Erste (n) {m} [ordinal number]

EN DE Translations for post

to post (v) [information] anschlagen (v) [information]
post Aufsatz {m}
post (v) Aufsatz (v) {m}
post aufgeben
post abschicken
to post (v) abschicken (v)
post Amt {n}
post Funktion {f}
post Anstellung {f}
post (n) [employment] Posten (n) {m} [employment]