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EN DE Translations for fight

fight (n) Kampf (n) {m}
fight (v n) [battle] Kampf (v n) {m} [battle]
fight (n) [effort] Kampf (n) {m} [effort]
fight (n) [military] Kampf (n) {m} [military]
fight (n) [effort] Ringen (n) {n} [effort]
fight (n) [physical activity] Schlägerei (n) {f} [physical activity]
fight (n) [words] Streit (n) {m} [words]
to fight (v) bekämpfen (v)
to fight (v) [military] bekämpfen (v) [military]
to fight (v) [physical activity] bekämpfen (v) [physical activity]

EN DE Translations for like

like (formal) schätzen
like (a) [similarity] (formal) ähnlich (a) [similarity]
like (a) (formal) gleich (a)
like (a) [similarity] (formal) gleich (a) [similarity]
like (formal) dergleichen
like (formal) gleichartig
like (o) [comparison] (formal) genauso wie (o) [comparison]
like (o) [comparison] (formal) genau wie (o) [comparison]
like (formal) wie
like (o) [comparison] (formal) wie (o) [comparison]

EN DE Translations for kilkenny