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EN DE Translations for fetch

to fetch (v) [bring] abholen (v) [bring]
to fetch (v) [bring] herbringen (v) [bring]
to fetch (v) holen (v)
fetch (v n) [To ; to bear towards; to] holen (v n) [To ; to bear towards; to]
to fetch (v) [bring] holen (v) [bring]
fetch Abruf
fetch abrufen
fetch Befehlsabruf
fetch Fetch
fetch einbringen

EN DE Translations for sb

sb (abbr) [abbreviation of somebody in explanation] (abbr) jmd (abbr) [abbreviation of somebody in explanation] (abbr)

EN DE Translations for one

one frau
one (a) [cardinal number] ein (a) [cardinal number]
one (a) [general] ein (a) [general]
one (a) [indefinite determiner] ein (a) [indefinite determiner]
one (a) [indefinite determiner] eine gewisse (a) [indefinite determiner]
one (o) [cardinal number] eine (o) [cardinal number]
one (a) [general] eine (a) [general]
one (a) [indefinite determiner] eine (a) [indefinite determiner]
one (o) [indefinite pers. pron.] man (o) [indefinite pers. pron.]
one (o) [cardinal number] einer (o) [cardinal number]