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EN DE Translations for falsely

falsely falsch
falsely (adv) [in a false manner] falsch (adv) [in a false manner]
falsely (adv) [in a false manner] fälschlicherweise (adv) [in a false manner]

EN DE Translations for accuse

to accuse (v) [law] denunzieren (v) [law]
to accuse (v) anklagen (v)
to accuse (v) [law] anklagen (v) [law]
to accuse (v) [accusation] beschuldigen (v) [accusation]
accuse (v n) [attribute blame to someone] beschuldigen (v n) [attribute blame to someone]
to accuse (v) [law] beschuldigen (v) [law]
to accuse (v) [accusation] die Schuld geben (v) [accusation]
accuse bezichtigen
to accuse (v) bezichtigen (v)
accuse anschuldigen

EN DE Translations for sb

sb (abbr) [abbreviation of somebody in explanation] (abbr) jmd (abbr) [abbreviation of somebody in explanation] (abbr)