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extra (a) [objects] zusätzlich (a) [objects]
extra Preiszuschlag
extra Sonderausgabe
extra Extraausgabe
extra Extra
extra Mehrpreis
extra (n) Komparse (n) {m}
extra Komparse {m}
extra Statist {m}
extra Extrablatt (n)
extra (a) [plus] zusätzlich (a) [plus]
extra Zusatz {m}
extra (a) [information] zusätzlich (a) [information]
extra (a) zusätzlich (a)
extra (a) [information] mehr (a) [information]
extra (a) [plus] extra (a) [plus]
extra (a) [objects] extra (a) [objects]
extra (a) [information] extra (a) [information]
extra besonders
extra Zuschlag {m} (m] auf die Versicherungsprämie [f)
extra (a) Zusatz (a) {m}
EN Synonyms for extra DE Translations
another [additional] andet
spare [addition] spare (n v prep conj)
further [addition] mere
other [part of speech] andre
different [part of speech] andet
additional [part of speech] øvrig
superfluous [excess] overflødig (adj)
reserved [excess] reserveret (adj)
remaining [quantity] øvrig
rest [quantity] ro
left [quantity] til venstre
more [in addition] mere
waste [quality] forødelse
repeat [again] gentage
anew [again] igen
because of [again] på grund af
once more [again] igen
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extra (a) [zusätzlich] plus (a) [zusätzlich]
extra (a) [zusätzlich] extra (a) [zusätzlich]
extra (a) [Absicht] spiteful (a) [Absicht]
extra (a) [Gegenstände] extra (a) [Gegenstände]
extra (a) [Auskunft] additional (a) [Auskunft]
extra (a) [Auskunft] supplementary (a) [Auskunft]
extra (a) [Absicht] malicious (a) [Absicht]
extra (a) [Absicht] willful (a) [Absicht]
extra (a) [Absicht] wilful (a) [Absicht]
extra (a) [Gegenstände] spare (a) [Gegenstände]
extra (a) [Auskunft] extra (a) [Auskunft]
extra (n) [speziell] particularly (n) [speziell]
extra (n) [umgangssprachlich] deliberately (n) [umgangssprachlich]
extra (n) [außerdem] additionally (n) [außerdem]
extra special
extra on purpose
extra separate
extra separately

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