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dich (n) [Reflexivpronomen] yourself (n) [Reflexivpronomen]
dich (n) [Akkusativ] you (n) [Akkusativ]
dich (o) [Pronomen - Singular] yourself (o) [Pronomen - Singular]
dich (o) [Reflexivpronomen - sing.] yourself (o) [Reflexivpronomen - sing.]
dich (o) [Personalpron. - dir. Obj. - Sing.] you (o) [Personalpron. - dir. Obj. - Sing.]
dich (o) [allgemein] you (o) [allgemein]
dich (pronoun n) [(reflexive) your own self] yourself (pronoun n) [(reflexive) your own self]
dich thee
dich (pronoun v n) [Objective case of 'thou'] thee (pronoun v n) [Objective case of 'thou']
dich thee (poetical
dich old)