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comparable (a) [similarity] ähnlich (a) [similarity]
comparable (a) komparabel (a)
comparable (a) [similarity] komparabel (a) [similarity]
comparable (a) vergleichbar (a)
comparable (adj n) [able to be compared] vergleichbar (adj n) [able to be compared]
EN English DE German
comparable (a) [analogous] vergleichbar (a) [analogous]
comparable (a) [similarity] vergleichbar (a) [similarity]
comparable (a) [analogous] analog (a) [analogous]
comparable (a) [analogous] gleichartig (a) [analogous]
comparable (a) [analogous] verwandt (a) [analogous]
EN Synonyms for comparable DE Translations
analogous [comparison] overeenkomend
equivalent [comparison] gelijkwaardig
homogeneous [comparison] homogeen
associated [comparison] geassocieerd
alike [comparison] hetzelfde
corresponding [similar] overeenkomstig
akin [similar] verwant {m}
agreeing [similar] compatibel
uniform [similar] consistent
similar [allied in characteristics] gelijkend
related [allied in characteristics] aanverwant {m}
like [allied in characteristics] (formal graag lusten
cognate [allied in characteristics] verwant {m}
correspondent [relative] overeenstemmend
proportionate [relative] proportioneel
applicable [relative] aangewezen
pertinent [relative] gevat
dependent [relative] onderhorig
germane [relative] (formal germaan
comparative [relative] vergelijkend