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coherence (n) Zusammenhang (n) {m}
coherence (n) [consistency] Zusammenhang (n) {m} [consistency]
coherence (n) Kohärenz (n) {f}
coherence (n) [having the same wavelength and phase] Kohärenz (n) {f} [having the same wavelength and phase]
coherence (n) [physics] Kohärenz (n) {f} [physics]
coherence (n) [consistency] Zusammenhalt (n) {m} [consistency]
coherence Zusammengehörigkeit {f}
coherence Phasengleichheit
coherence Geschlossenheit {f}
coherence Stimmigkeit
EN Synonyms for coherence DE Translations
peace [conformity] mir {m}
assent [conformity] (formal privolitev
agreement [conformity] dogovor
flow [smoothness] tok {m}
logic [unity] logika {f}
attachment [cohesion] navezanost
balance [good mental health] bilanca