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by all means (o) [conviction] bestimmt (o) [conviction]
by all means (o) [conviction] absolut (o) [conviction]
by all means (o) [general] selbstverständlich (o) [general]
by all means (o) [conviction] sicherlich (o) [conviction]
by all means (a) unbedingt (a)
by all means (o) [conviction] unbedingt (o) [conviction]
by all means (adv) [emphatically yes, definitely] unbedingt (adv) [emphatically yes, definitely]
by all means (o) [general] unbedingt (o) [general]
by all means (o) [general] durchaus (o) [general]
by all means (o) [general] in jedem Fall (o) [general]
by all means (o) [general] aber bitte sehr (also wohlwollende Zusage) (o) [general]
by all means (o) [general] unter allen Umständen (o) [general]
by all means auf jeden Fall
by all means bitte!

EN DE Translations for by

by neben
by (o) [location] nah (o) [location]
by gemäß
by nach
by an
by (o) [dimension] auf (o) [dimension]
by bis
by (o) [time] vor (o) [time]
by (o) [travel] über (o) [travel]
by (n) bei (n)

EN DE Translations for all

all (o) [general] ganz (o) [general]
all (a) [quantity] ganz (a) [quantity]
all vollständig
all (n) alle (n)
all (a) [every] alle (a) [every]
all (o) [pers. pron. - subject - pl.] alle (o) [pers. pron. - subject - pl.]
all allet
all (a) [every] jeder (a) [every]
all (o) [general] jeder (o) [general]
all (a) [person] jeder (a) [person]

EN DE Translations for means

means (n) Mittel (n) {n}
means (n) [general] Mittel (n) {n} [general]
means (n) [money] Mittel (n) {n} [money]
means (n) [result] Mittel (n) {n} [result]
means (n) [accounting] Aktiva (n) [accounting]
means (n) [accounting] Vermögen (n) {n} [accounting]
means (n) [finance] Vermögen (n) {n} [finance]
means (n) [finance] finanzielle Belastbarkeit (n) {f} [finance]
means (n) [result] Hilfe (n) {f} [result]
means (n) Hilfsmittel (n) {n}
EN Synonyms for by all means DE Translations
certainly [expression of pleasure] bitte!
of course [expression of pleasure] logo
splendid [expression of pleasure] prunkvoll
thank you [expression of pleasure] thank you
excellent [expression of pleasure] fein
charmed [expression of pleasure] entzückte
delighted [expression of pleasure] wonnevoll
willingly [affirmation] willig
indeed [affirmation] zugegebenermaßen
rather [affirmation] reichlich