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but wobei
but (prep adv conj n) [although] trotzdem (prep adv conj n) [although]
but dagegen
but bloß
but (o) [only] erst (o) [only]
but (o) [only] lediglich (o) [only]
but allerdings
but (n) allerdings (n)
but hingegen
but (o) [general] sondern (o) [general]
but dabei
but ohne zu (inf.)
but noch dazu
but Aber {n}
but (n) Aber (n) {n}
but +Dat.}
but auch nur
but (o) [barring] außer dass (o) [barring]
but (prep adv conj n) [although] aber (prep adv conj n) [although]
but (o) [except that] aber (o) [except that]
but (o) [general] aber (o) [general]
but (o) [yet] aber (o) [yet]
but (o) [barring] abgesehen von (o) [barring]
but (o) [barring] ausgenommen (o) [barring]
but (o) [barring] außer (o) [barring]
but (o) [except that] außer (o) [except that]
but (n) aber (n)
but (o) [yet] dennoch (o) [yet]
but (n) doch (n)
but (o) [except that] doch (o) [except that]
but (o) [yet] doch (o) [yet]
but (o) [except that] jedoch (o) [except that]
but (o) [except that] nur (o) [except that]
but (o) [only] nur (o) [only]
EN Synonyms for but DE Translations
though [although] dog (adv conj)
just [part of speech] bare
only [part of speech] bare
save [except] (formal beholde (n v)
without [except] uden
except [exclusion] undtagen
besides [still] desuden
furthermore [still] desuden
still [furthermore] endnu