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EN Synonyms for beyond DE Translations
superior [higher] превосхо́дный (adj)
advance [before] заём (m)
else [over and above] ещё (adv)
besides [over and above] к тому́ же (adv)
also [addition] та́кже (adv)
yonder [toward that place] вон (adv)
thither [toward that place] туда́ (adv int n pronoun)
forward [ahead] передово́й (adj)
farther [at a greater distance] да́льше (prep adv n)
further [at a greater distance] да́лее (n adj adv v)
sky [nature] небо (nt)
stratosphere [nature] стратосфе́ра (n)
air [nature] воздух (m)
heaven [nature] рай (m)
bliss [vision] блаже́нство (n v)
there [place] там (adv)
Elysium [paradise] Элизиум
thence [removed] отту́да (adv)