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besides (o) [furthermore] außerdem (o) [furthermore]
besides nebstdem
besides (prep adv) [also; in addition] weiterhin (prep adv) [also; in addition]
besides zudem
besides daneben
besides (n) überdies (n)
besides (n) hinzu (n)
besides hinzu
besides (o) [furthermore] übrigens (o) [furthermore]
besides (o) [general] außerdem (o) [general]
besides (o) [beside] abgesehen von (o) [beside]
besides (prep adv) [also; in addition] außerdem (prep adv) [also; in addition]
besides (n) außerdem (n)
besides sonst
besides (o) [beside] neben (o) [beside]
besides (o) [beside] darüber hinaus (o) [beside]
besides (prep adv) [also; in addition] darüber hinaus (prep adv) [also; in addition]
besides (o) [beside] außer (o) [beside]
besides (n) außer (n)
besides (o) [beside] ausgenommen (o) [beside]
EN Synonyms for besides DE Translations
in addition to [accompanying] и {i}
furthermore [similarly] нещо повече (adv)
as well as [over and above] и {i}
also [furthermore] също така
along [in addition] покрай (adj adv v)
then [purpose] тогава (adv adj n)
but [part of speech] но (no)