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away (n) fort (n)
away (o) [aside] fort (o) [aside]
away (o) [distance] entfernt (o) [distance]
away abwesend
away unterwegs
away (o) [aside] beiseite (o) [aside]
away (o) [aside] weg (o) [aside]
away auswärts
away (v) fern- (v)
away (n) von dannen (n)
away (n) von hinnen (n)
EN Synonyms for away DE Translations
distant [apart] ver
backward [direction] agterlik
back [direction] terug
alone [time or position] slegs
exclusively [time or position] slegs
apart [time or position] afsonderlik
forever [ceaselessly] ewig
hence [departure] hiervandaan
on [departure] op
from [departure] vanaf
yonder [toward that place] daar
beyond [toward that place] verby
over [position] oor
thence [position] daarvandaan